Welcome to Deep Country Camping, my name is Garry and I’m telling you “You gotta be prepared!”

My Story

My town, Broken Hill, is here.

I was born and raised in Broken Hill (above) in far west outback NSW, Australia. A fantastic part of my early years was my involvement with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and camping in very interesting locations in the countryside around Broken Hill. The best camping experiences also involved hiking, and the best hiking experience was the 5 day Milford Track hike over the mountains and into Milford Sound, New Zealand.

I worked as an electrician/mine mechanic for mining companies in Broken Hill and Kambala, Western Australia. The mine in Broken Hill was a mile deep.

I later graduated from two universities and taught English as a foreign or second language in Tokyo and Brisbane.

North Mine, shaft 3, Broken Hill. After recent rain.

Between mining towns and university, I was making pies in my father’s business “Larry’s Pie Cottage”, in Port Macquarie, a great for surfing.

I just like helping people, It makes me feel good. I had 8 years in Japan.

While I was teaching I experienced great job satisfaction. In Japan, I was helping people in their working careers, and in Brisbane, I was preparing international students for university in Australia. Furthermore, through personal experience, I can talk authoritatively on camping and hiking. For example; when I was at boarding school in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, the rowing club owned several bikes, and some of the boarding students had been making canoes.

Mountain lookout in the Grampians.

Occasionally, we’d load up the minivan on a Friday afternoon, bikes, canoes, and other gear and head up to a nearby mountain range called the Grampians, where the College, owned a hut (we also had cadet camps and maneuvers in the same area). We would get there after dark, set up, jump on the bikes and head out yipping for joy at the freedom of it all, no more boarding house rules for a while. Ready for tow days of canoeing and bush biking. Sometimes we even went waterskiing on the reservoir. There was a creek, a waterfall, walking trails, and a mountain lookout.

This was much different to the countryside where I had come from which was semi-arid desert. In the Grampians, water was never a problem when camping. Camping out of Broken Hill, on the other hand, water was an integral part of the planning, and sometimes a bit of a problem. No matter, we always had a good time.

My purpose here.

Here at Deep Country Camping, my goal is to provide you with interesting adventures and solid strategic preparation ideas, and the best product reviews for the best Deep Country Camping experience.

And fun.

If you have any comments to make, or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to reply.

All the best,

Garry James

Email: garryjam@deepcountrycamping.com

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